Project 3: Final Post


Tw sketch, after Howard Vachel Brown

The assignment is over, the habit has been formed. I’d say this practice was a success, in that not only did I end the project with some very interesting pieces I’m excited about — I’ve tackled subjects I never have before, and gained great experience rendering compositions — but I’ve also been ingrained with the urge to draw. Everyday. I feel like I need to sit down and spend an hour, and draw something.

What’s more, I feel that if I do so, I can draw in confidence. I’m no longer worried if this single drawing will turn out because I’ve had success in the past, and, if I continue going forward, there will always be a chance to draw again tomorrow.


Tw sketch


Project 3: Week 3


©TW, Scandinavian pasture

This week, regarding the daily creative habit, we watched a video documenting a photographer who has dedicated his entire life to his art, to his craft. For personal reasons, he has dedicated all his time to going out on the streets every day, and taking photographs. I admire his dedication, he has no personal relationships and lives in a small space. His whole life is dedicated to his creative practice.   The question is: is it worth it?


©TW, roman archway


Project 3: Week 2

This week, we took a trip to the museum for inspiration. I wandered around a bit, looking more at the landscape than the paintings. But I did get a nice perspective sketch on a giant three-dimensional reclining Buddha. You never know what you’ll find at the museum.

This week also produced some interesting set designs and layouts. Many of these were sketched from photographs out reference books.

Project 3: Research


Tw2016, Crane Center sketch

My primary research for this drawing habit will be taken directly from life. Already this week, I’ve spent more time drawing landscapes and scenery than I ever have.

I have been using some reference for practice, as well, doing my research in the library. By studying authors and artists that I admire and learning from masters who are already competent at their craft, I’m able to pick up on techniques and learn the process faster.

Overall, I’m improving quickly and I hope to push myself to continue to draw more in the coming weeks.


Tw2016, sketch of the Airstream in the quad

Project 3: The Creative Habit


The theme for this final project, as identified by the title of this post, is the creative habit.


The above graphic is from the author Julia Cameron. The idea of a creative habit is popular these days, expounded upon by a multitude of authors. For our class specifically, this assignment is based off of choreographer and author Twyla Tharp, and her book The Creative Habit, the cover of which you can see here.

Ultimately, the idea is remove restraints and creative blocks by simply making the action a habit a not the result.

For my personal habit, I’d like to ingrain within myself a compulsion toward sketching, as Twyla asks, “Do you have a pencil?” – as in, always be prepared for creativity, always carry with you a pencil and sketchbook.

My bible for this course will be a book on urban and freehand sketching called, Freehand Drawing & Discovery. The idea will be to learn the language of outdoor and architectural sketching, while also learning to draw animals, trees, and people.



example from my sketchbook of architecture and human sketching Tw2016


Group Project: complete!

photo 2.JPG

The completion of our project was kicked off with a rainy game of volleyball! People came out to celebrate though, and we shared soda and hotdogs with all who came to check it out.

The project was a great experience

We had an outstanding director, and I want to thank our amazing project manager and project coordinator, and our documentary crew and all who donated their time or money!

Well Done, everyone!

photo 1.JPG




The People’s Project is coming together. Starting with a budget of zero $$, our GoFund Me campaign, and generous donations from local companies have turned our idea into a practical reality.

I was happy to see both my parents contributing money through the GoFund Me website. My parents were very happy to support a community project such as this! Actually this project seems to be getting a lot of great support from everyone we come in contact with.

This week specifically, we used some of our funds to make a supply run to the local Home Improvement store. It was a lot of fun going around the aisles with our big group, trying to decide just what materials we need!